Mont Blanc Training in Wales

If you are thinking of climbing Mont Blanc then we can help you on your journey to the highest summit in Western Europe. Maybe you want to learn skills, or you are just thinking about it and want to know if it’s a realistic plan.

Most people who take guided trips to climb Mont Blanc need some preparation beforehand. Learning or refreshing a few skills will give you confidence on the mountain, as you manage yourself in unfamiliar and sometimes steep terrain, and occasionally in the dark too. We can also inform you about what exactly is involved in climbing Mont Blanc, as we have climbed Mont Blanc many times, often with clients, so know the mountain intimately.

Over 2 days in Snowdonia we can answer all your questions and help you to learn some skills that will increase your chances of success. These include covering some basic ropework that will make it easier to manage yourself and your equipment, doing some scrambling and easy climbing over rocky and exposed terrain similar to what you will find on Mont Blanc, and having at least one long mountain day to check your overall general fitness suitability for climbing MB!

Also if you are thinking of trying to climb Mont Blanc unguided we can offer advice and training on the skills you will need.