Hard Welsh Rock

North Wales has some of THE harder classic British rock climbs and we can guide you on many of those. Generally we class “hard” rock as routes graded HVS to about E3, and the kinds of routes that might appeal to you are:

Cenotaph Corner (E1), Cemetery gates (E1), Vector (E2), Left Wall (E2), Superdirect Dinas Mot (E1), Gogarth (E1), Great Wall – Cloggy (E3), Scavenger (E1), Strand (E2), The Moon (E3), and many many more.

You need to be a competent belayer, and you need to be happy seconding at least British technical grade 5a/5b (F6a) already and be able to get the gear out! For most harder routes we operate on a 1:1 ratio, and we climb on double ropes for traditional routes and single ropes for sport routes.

Climbers on “Cemetery Gates”(E1) in Llanberis Pass – one of the most famous routes in Britain

Classic Rock climbing – Gashed Crag , Tryfan

Libby climbing Vector, a classic E2 at Tremadog