Learn to Rock Climb

A full introduction to outdoor rock climbing for beginners or for people who have climbed on indoor walls.

We usually start with some movement skills to get warmed up and then quickly progress to real climbs, often multi pitch, as that is what Wales is famous for.

From day 1 you can expect to be seconding routes on cliffs of 50-200m high, and learning all the way. The best way of picking up the skills and all the jargon is to do it and use it , so that means lots of climbing.

If you come for 1-2 days then you’ll get a taste for rock climbing and will hopefully feel that you could go away and be able to second someone on climbs of basic difficulty. If you want to be able to go off and do your own thing afterwards then you will almost certainly need more than that – perhaps 5-6 days as a minimum.

Learning to rock climb on the Idwal slabs, Ogwen, North Wales

Climbing a multi pitch at Tremadog

Lead climbing