The Matterhorn (4475m) is a climber’s mountain – perhaps the most famous in the world after Everest. Every year many people are guided to it’s steep and narrow summit by the Hornli Ridge, which is the easiest route and is 1200m long.  To climb this route with a Guide you need to be fit, acclimatised and have a decent head for heights plus some basic rock climbing ability. The climb involves lots of grade 1-2 grade scrambling, and some short sections of ‘V Diff’ rock climbing, and a couple of fixed ropes too.

Preparing for a guided ascent of the Matterhorn is something that we have helped people with many times. Over 2 days in Snowdonia we can seek out terrain similar to the Hornli ridge (but not as long or high!), and pass on some skills and tips that will make things go more smoothly for you when you get to the mountain. Normally we do one day of ropework and rock climbing in mountain boots, followed by a long day in the mountains linking up some grade 2-3 scrambles and easier climbs, wearing boots and backpacks.

You may have something booked already, or you may just be looking for a fun couple of days and looking to find out more about it – either way we can bring you closer to climbing the Matterhorn – and maybe some other Alpine peaks too.